Go behind the scenes of our latest collection 'Scoreboard' with our design team. Find out what inspires them, their process and favourite pieces from the collection.


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Desktop Only

Sami + Evangeline | Founders

Inspiration for the collection?

The collection inspiration came from our personal needs, we just felt the pieces we’ve designed were the items we wanted to be wearing. It’s a new category of comfort with sweats, polos, tees and soft jacket that can be included in everyday wear. We wanted to pieces to be branded but with creative elements that make them fun to wear. It’s been a really exciting collection to design and are really happy with how it all came together. 

Favourite piece from the collection?

S: All-Star Polo in Cream
E: All the A-League Tanks

Best moment from the shoot?

S: Shooting hoops between looks
E: Styling the looks with all our pieces and pieces from our upcoming collections

Styling tips for these pieces?

S: Dress the pieces up by mixing the tops/tees with a mini skirt, a nice pair of pants or throw a coat over the top if you’re some place cold
E: For sure have fun dressing them up