We recently took a trip to NYC to celebrate our latest collection at Socialista. We had the best time and it was so amazing to see everyone in our newest pieces. Find out where our founders favourite New York spots are below.


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The Bowery or The Ludlow - best location.

Best spot for dinner:

We love Bar Pitti and Rosella

Brunch spot:


Coffee spot:

Cha Cha Matcha

Describe a typical day for you in NYC:

Wake up, coffee, emails, go for a walk, more coffee, meetings, lunch, walk some more, pop into some shops,  more emails, dinner, bed.

What’s your favourite thing about NYC:

Everything, just being there is our favourite thing!

Favourite shop:

We love to walk around the shops in Soho, for vintage - James Veloria, Procell, Stella Dallas, Front General, Tired Thrift, Treasures of NYC, The Real Real, What Goes Around.

Highlight of your recent trip?

Secrets ;)

3 words to describe NYC:

Surreal, Expressive and Inspiring.


Would you rather...


Brunch or Dinner:

S: Both

E: Brunch that turns into dinner

The city in Summer or Winter:

S: Winter 

E: Summer

Subway or Cab:

S: By foot!

E: Walking for sure

Museum or Park:

S: Museum

E: Museum