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Tell us a little about yourself?

Beanie: I was born and raised in the middle of Los Angeles and started modelling when I was literally a baby. Was a GAP baby and all. Once I got a bit older I started to garner a lot more interest in the creative side of media. I started production design and helped friends with creative direction/producing. While I still do that on the side, approaching shoots and work as a model/actress whatever it is from the creative ground up is a huge asset to me. I love what I do and find creative fulfilment in a million places. 

Alyson: I'm 19 years old, I currently work full-time and have way too many clothes hehehehehe.


Star sign?

Beanie: Aquarius February 11 :)

Alyson: Aries :)


You in 3 words?

Beanie: Nurturing, driven, sarcastic.

Alyson: Loving, smart, loyal.


Current location?

Beanie: On a plane right now actually coming back from a shoot in NYC. Trying to make coach comfortable...

Alyson: London!


Favourite place in the world and why?

Beanie: This summer I went to Vieques, Puerto Rico and it changed my life. There are no kinder people, and not a more peaceful and beautiful place. 

Alyson: Vancouver, my homeeeee. Just so beautiful to me. Perfect mix of city and countryside. Just the most beautiful place in the world to me.