For With Jéan sartorially-inclined lens to Weins’ oeuvre, zooming in on detailed hits of spray paint and flowers in the California born, New York based artist’s paintings. The collaboration marks our first gender neutral collection; produced in limited numbers. Read more about Weins below.


Desktop Only

Desktop Only

Jeff Weins is a multidisciplinary artist. Self-taught — his mostly abstract paintings earned him a spot in esteemed private collections early on. While grappling with the creative challenges of artistic apathy, It was during this time Weins embarked on the pursuit of representational truth. Each project he undertakes starts with an embroidered narrative woven into visual experiments that resonate on a profoundly personal plane. 

Born in 1988 in Long Beach, California, Weins was introduced to painting by his grandmother, a painter and craft enthusiast. As he grew older, he explored various art movements of the 20th century while studying in Santa Barbara. His artistic expression extended beyond traditional canvases, leading him to paint on discarded domestic objects like furniture, shipping boxes, and empty water bottles. Weins' art is characterized by dynamic brushwork, using vibrant colors with intricate details to capture the essence of his subjects before it fades away. He defies conventional painting genres, creating complete narratives that reflect the depth and breadth of his subject matter. 

Guided by an intuitive fusion of unconventional palettes and vivid motifs, his creations celebrate life's anomalies and the unrecognized. Immersed in the cadence of modern existence, he unravels the tapestry of human intricacies and existential profundities, resounding tableaus that magnify oddities and non-conformities.