Get to know the women behind the brand as they celebrate their 5th year in business. 

We’re Sami and Evangeline, we’ve been best friends for what feels longer than a lifetime and founded With Jéan together in 2017 at just 24 with only a few hundred dollars in our pockets. Reflecting back on these last five unimaginable years, we want to celebrate this momentous occasion, a story we never could have dreamed of. For us and for thanks to you for appreciating two woman with a thought and an idea, that we both truly love. It’s just been us and you from the very start. 

We’re reintroducing some of your favourite pieces from our earliest collections, throughout the years these styles have continuously been requested to make a return to our world and so we cannot wait to share them with you again. 

Thank you for your never ending support, we have loved every moment of creating this story over the last five years.

'The Archives' collection will be online Wednesday 21st September 10AM AEST.

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Tell us how you met and when With Jéan was founded

S: We met through one of our best friends, an instant love and connection. We were soon planning trips to travel where the idea to start a clothing brand came about. We both had a mutual love for being creative, clothing, designing, photography, vintage shopping (the list goes on) with the desire to want to build something we thought was missing. With Jéan was founded in 2017 when we were 24 years old and as best friends we couldn’t be happier. 

Highlight of your careers so far

S: The day we launched, I’ll never forget the amount of nerves and emotions.

E: So many! Every time we are on location shooting I’m always reminded of how lucky we are to be able to do this.

Which collection has been a stand out to you personally?

S: I really cannot choose, I’m a Gemini. They all have so much meaning and all have a story to tell.

E: Propaganda, we included old family photos in a print and that was really special and so cool we have pieces to show our kids one day with their grandma’s on there. 

Favourite piece of the new collection?

S: The Sabrin Dress, it’s just so perfect.

E: The new Adeline top or Cindy Corsets, always good staples. 

How has WJ evolved over the past 5 years?

S: Immensely, from the beginning we always said we would stay true to creating the pieces we want to see in our wardrobes and so as we grow and fashion evolves so do our designs. It is such a reflection of us and how we’ve grown over the years.

E: It’s always evolving because it is really an extension of the both of us and we grow and change and evolve constantly, in turn so does the brand and I think that is something people don’t understand, we aren’t following trends or mass market - we are just creating what we want to make and wear. 

What can we expect from WJ in the next year?

S: Lots of exciting plans, I can’t give too much away but new categories, more accessibility to our store and changes in our process to focus on sustainability.

E: We’re always working on something new and exciting!