Behind the scenes: Drop 2 of 'The Archives' collection

Find out what happens behind the scenes in Greece for our birthday collection 'The Archives'. Our co-founders Sami and Evangeline also share their travel guide to Athens, Greece. Save the date, 2nd drop of 'The Archives' is coming to our world Wednesday 5th October 10AM AEST / Tuesday 4th October 5PM PDT.

Location: A tiny island close to Athens, Greece

Model: Daniela Garza

Photographer: Shot by Co-founder Sami

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Tell us why Greece was chosen as the shoot location?

Greece holds a special place in our hearts and has always been a dream to shoot there. Evangeline is Greek so it’s fun seeing her in her element there. 

Must-have essentials on a shoot day?

Coffee, water, music and eventually wine.

Favourite piece from Drop 2?

S: The Layla Top

E: Adeline Dress, the fit is just too good on everyone 

Where do you source the styling pieces for shoots?

We source our styling pieces from all over, most of the time they come from our personal wardrobes and we find most of our shoes on vintage websites. During this trip we spent some time sourcing vintage items throughout vintage stores all over Europe.