Introducing our collaboration with Ruby Lyn.
Influencer and it girl, Ruby is a New Yorker born and raised in Canada.
This collection was designed by Ruby and carefully curated so every piece could be worn interchangeably. Ruby wanted to create pieces that were true to her style, while still having pieces that could be easily incorporated into anyones wardrobe. 

In this collaboration, it's noteworthy to highlight that Ruby brings a personal connection to the project with her Chinese background. The utilization of cultural elements, such as Pankou knots, is a sincere reflection of her heritage, emphasizing a commitment to authenticity and respect in the creative process.


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Tell us a little about yourself

I grew up in Toronto Canada, studied communication for a year, and then dropped out and moved to NYC… no plan, just had a feeling it was where I was meant to be. I’ve always loved fashion, putting a new outfit together everyday. It’s something I am truly passionate about, and so happy I get to share some of that with others.

What does your perfect day in the city look like?

Honestly, I am a big homebody but if I am to step out, a perfect day to me would be a good book, and a park on a nice summer, then walk across the bridge and meet my friends for a sunny dinner.

How did your interest in fashion start and how would you describe your current style?

I’ve been interested in fashion for as long as I can remember, I grew up always wanting to spend any money I had at the mall on clothes, which led me to having no money and resorting to second hand thrift stores, which I then realized I could get so much more for my money and then fell my love for thrifting which is basically how I started making fashion content. I’d day my current style is very casual, comfortable, preppy sometimes. I think I am somewhere between a minimalist and maximalist, I like a fun layered outfit, just as much as a simple 90’s basics look. It really depends how I am feeling that day.

What was your favourite part of creating the collaboration?

My favorite part of creating the collection was being able to create pieces I think could be worn and styled by anyone.I wanted to create pieces that could seamlessly contribute to anyones wardrobe. It’s also has been such a lovely experience working with Ange and Sami, they work so hard and really put love into their brand, its been really inspiring seeing the behind the scenes of putting together a collection, I look up to them a lot. 

Your favourite piece from the collection?

I think my favorite piece, is the pleated grey midi skirt, just because it’s really wearable, and versatile for everyday wear and the pockets!!

Inspiration behind the designs?

The main inspiration was my closet and what kind of pieces I gravitate the most, for different occasions, day and night.